Valerie Melotti


My B-All™:  To support people so they can make educated choices about their health and their treatments.


The Most Important Thing In The World To Me Is:  Experiencing health through peaceful, loving feelings!


I chose to join the Chi-To-Be! Mastery Program™ because I saw it as an opportunity to learn. This program brings me great pleasure as it challenges and inspires me. I truly value the support I receive from my fellow Masters as we grow and learn together. Each day I celebrate the joy I experience on this journey.


Since I joined this program, I am accomplishing my goals with ease and velocity. Some I consider magnificent manifestations, like opening a recording/art studio. Others, minor miracles, such as becoming pregnant with my third child at exactly the time I desired.  I have also achieved greater clarity and confidence in pursuing and fulfilling my dreams.


I believe that with appreciation, joy grows. I truly appreciate this powerful Program and I am honored to be a part of it.


Valerie Melotti, Artistic Director - Dreamspell Studios

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