The Fastest Way To Feel Calm


“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.”

~Author Unknown


The Fastest Way To Feel Calm

“There is a real possibility that I AM breathing deeply to boost my energy.”

This week’s Success-Boosting Card Pick encourages us to take short rest stops and breathe deeply to boost our energy throughout the day. I’m doing it and so can you.

Deep breathing is known to assist in calming the body and the mind, as well as aiding in digestion. Breathing brings oxygen into the body, which revitalizes the organs, cells and tissues.

Much research has shown that by breathing properly, we improve our focus and concentration, eliminate toxins, strengthen the immune system, and reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Further, proper breathing increases metabolism, which aids in digestion and weight loss.

Conversely, when we do not breathe deeply and regularly, we can experience mental fog, dizziness, numbness, anxiety, pains in our neck and shoulders and digestive problems. Through my own personal experiences, I can attest to experiencing both ends of the breathing spectrum.

To learn how I use Chi-To-Be! Energy Surge #9 – Re-Charging Our Inner Chi watch my 4-minute vlog below.


The Fastest Way To Feel Calm


I AM saying the following affirmation today:


Today, I AM breathing deeply to calm my mind and boost my energy!


This is my Intentional Activity for today:


I AM using Energy Surge #9 to schedule short rest stops throughout my day in which I remember to breathe deeply to increase the oxygen in my body so I feel calmer and more energized for each intentional activity I do.



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Ride the Chi!


BE Energized -- BE Powerful -- Take Life By Your B-All!

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Thanks For Riding The Chi With Me,

Stacey Hall, L.S.H., C.A.C., C.R.P., C.N.T.C

CEO & Founder
The Hall System of Intuitive Wellness
Chi-To-Be! Author, Creator, Catalyst
"The Fastest Way To Feel Calm"

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  • Brenda

    The reminder to breathe is much appreciated. I have been very focused on a large project with many deadlines. Whenever I find myself tired throughout the day, a deep breath really has done wonders to re-energize me. I am going to get my Ginger oil out and put it on my desk as my visual reminder to breath.

    • Stacey Hall

      Brenda, I appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts on this blog. Thank you.

  • Ronda Wheeler

    This brings a big grin to my face. First because Stacey has Tess by her side and second because I am learning to experiment with putting all of my Chi-lifting tools together to help me with my daily intentions and goals so that I can reach my B-All in life.

    • Stacey Hall

      Thanks for acknowledging Tess, Ronda. So glad this blog was of value to you.

  • Angela Howell

    Yes! Deep breathing has made things easier to manage for me many times in my life where I have felt stressed. It’s a great way for me to come to neutral and refocus my intentions and energy.

    • Stacey Hall

      Thanks for sharing how you use deep breathing, Angela.

  • Kathy Grannes

    Thank you Stacey Hall, this was a huge assist for me today. I used the ginger essential oil you suggested. I was also lead to draw two other cards which further aided in my breathing.

    • Stacey Hall

      How fun that you are using the Chi-To-Be! Success-Boosting Cards, Kathy. Thank you for sharing.

  • Neha Shah

    Deep breathing and taking rest stop – Perfect ways to start the weekend!

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