The Block is Gone Program

What is the greatest BLOCK keeping you
from your PROSPERITY??


6-Session Audio Coaching Program
A deeper and even more energizing experience of the
Chi-Generating Oil Anointing Technique

A few years ago, in desperation, I asked for inspiration and guidance in how to clear an emotional block which was causing me to make the same mistakes ... over and over again.

The answer that I received was SO Simple that I still can’t believe that I did not know how easy it is for us all to release ourselves from the burden of thoughts which block our progress so we can achieve our goals and ultimate Purpose!

The Block is Gone Program
If you have been...
-- wondering why you keep repeating the same mistakes
-- feeling stuck in a rut
-- losing ground instead of moving forward to your goals with ease
-- ready to make more money
-- want to have more supportive relationships
-- desire to enjoy life more fully

...then join me and Dana Christisen for this fun, up-lifting, and effective 6-Session Audio Coaching Program to learn how to release your own Physical, Mental, and/or Emotional Blocks and FINALLY achieve all the success you have earned and deserve!!

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I love what Dana shared with me after she experienced 'The Block Is Gone’ Program for the first time:

“I had a block about needing to 'know' exactly what to say at any time. Now instead of looking into my brain for the answers, I remember my spiritual truth, which I discovered during the Program. Now, I focus on my belief that ‘Everyone has the Power to Create their Own Life’ and I open my mind and heart to God and allow His spirit to speak through me instead. I have found that I always say exactly what is perfect when I do this, even if it doesn't make sense to my physical brain.”

This "The Block is Gone" program is a Do-It-Yourself Oil-Anointing Technique retreat "In A Box". And when you consider that the regular price of our three-day retreat is $840 (plus travel expenses, airfare, lodging and meals), it is easy to see what a bargain this is. And you can share the experience with your family, friends, and Young Living team-members.

Donna Grace did and says, "I think my husband summed it up best, 'Since you started taking classes with Stacey, everything about you and your business has been changing for the better and I don't see that stopping any time soon!' "

Dortha Hise shares, "The most valuable benefit I received from The Block Is Gone Program is I learned to stop 'shoulding' on myself and I gained close and valuable friendships. I have released some big blocks: financial ones, personal image ones, and dropping the expectations and shoulds. Huge!"


CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE The Block Is Gone Program!

Stacey Hall, L.S.H., C.N.T.C., C.A.C., C.R.T.S.
CEO and Founder, The Hall Institute for Intuitive Wellness

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