The #1 Answer to ‘Why Me’


"There's not a chance we'll reach our full potential until we stop blaming each other and start practicing personal accountability." ~ John Miller



There is a real possibility that I AM Powerfully in charge of my life.

I recently had a conversation with a woman who was explaining to me that she felt out of control because of the demands made on her by the people in her life. She shared a litany of challenges, problems, and injustices she experienced that she said were caused by the people in her life.

Throughout the conversation, she often repeated the phrase, 'Why Me?'

Each time she said, ‘Why Me?, I replied with this question: "What is your B-All goal?'

And, each time, her answer was that she did not have one.

When she was finished venting her upsets and was a bit calmer, I explained why it is so important to have a B-All.

I explained to her that a B-All goal is the most important goal that one sets to achieve before they die. I also explained how important it is to keep our focus firmly centered on our B-All goal so that nothing can pull us off our path towards achieving it.

Without a B-All (and a commitment to achieving it), it is very easy to give our power over to other people in our lives who make requests -- as well as demands -- for our time.

'Why Me?' is a question asked only by people who feel victimized by the people they have allowed to be in their lives.

Conversely, the question -- 'How Can I Achieve My B-All with Velocity and Ease?' -- is a question asked by people who recognize that they are in charge of choosing who will receive their time, attention and energy.

These are the people who feel in charge of their life.

These are the people who refuse to let others steer them off course to the fulfillment of their greatest goal.

These are the people who take a breath before responding to requests from other people to determine if saying ‘yes’ to the request will move them further away…or closer to the achievement of their B-All.

So, if you choose to release yourself from ‘shoulds’ and obligations you feel that other people are attempting to impose on you, then take a moment now to meditate on the question: What is the greatest goal I intend to achieve before I die?

And, you may also want to watch my TEDx presentation on the topic of ‘Stop Shoulding On Your Self’ at

Once you are firmly focused on your B-All, you will more easily create new boundaries and possibilities in your relationships with others.

And, you will transform 'Why Me?' to 'I AM Powerful!'

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  • Dawn Schaupert

    I AM keeping my eye on my B-All while I on my rest stop and even during the day when some situations arise that our out of my control.

  • Ronda Wheeler

    Simply fabulous blog post this week. I haven’t asked “Why Me?” in quite awhile, but just this week on my coaching call with Stacey Hall I came to the realization that I AM Powerful. As I gain more understanding and insight using the Chi Energy Surges, and surround myself with positive and uplifting people I AM Choosing to take charge of my life.

  • Neha Shah

    For me personally, asking “why not me?” takes a lot of courage and concentrating on my B-All in those moments shifts my focus from everything bad (from my perspective) that is happening to me to the potentiality of the universe that I have not yet unexplored. Realizing that the potential universe offers is a gift that is much more significant than whatever is going on now relieves me from momentary pain and provides the much needed shift in focus to move forward.

  • Brenda

    I have had several experiences in the last couple of weeks where I have been able to be powerful. The exciting thing was that I was able to do that from a loving position and create a win-win. Thanks this beautiful post!

  • Wendy Gibofsky Baila DeAngelis

    I am smiling sitting here and thinking about “Why Me?” vs. “Why Not Me?” Answers and images fill my soul thinking of how I would have answered this at different times of my life. I AM now knowing that the answers lie in my use of the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges with great emphasis on #4, Focusing for Energy Generation, Attracting all You Desire.

  • Amber Sonsalla

    This was so fitting for me to read today because I had a situation where I stopped myself from continuing down old paths of reacting to a request and remembered my B-All. The request itself did bring me closer to achieving my goals and my B-All but the way it was asked and my original response wouldn’t have brought me closer. It was a challenge to say no to the old response whose purpose was to just “be right” and say yes to agreeing while also speaking my truth.

  • The timing of this post is perfect. I took a serious look at my goals for February and really narrowed down my focus. It was a very empowering experience to eliminate some ‘shoulds’ that had crept into my life while attempting to “do it all”. I am feeling very powerful and enthusiastic about each activity I Scheduled for Success on my calendar!

  • Janell Smith

    I love this attraction tip!! There is a real possibility that I AM Powerfully in charge of my life. I feel that this statement could be the theme for my life. I am in charge of every aspect of my life.

  • Casey Sermons

    The greatest gift to me today came in the form of a question. ‘How Can I Achieve My B-All with Velocity and Ease?’ Thank you.

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