Tara Rayburn
The Healthy Habit Coach


My B-All™: To create a “tidal wave of REAL Health” using all of the senses in order to inspire others to become “Healthy Ripples” in our world. I will achieve this while being a “present” and grounded wife and mother.

I am a lifelong student of grace and a trusted authority for inspiring uplifting habits for the mind, body and soul. I am a speaker, creator of books, blogs and experiences causing Healthy Ripples throughout the world.

The Most Important Thing In The World To Me Is: My relationship with God.

I am a mother of two, wife of one, a Healthy Habit Coach, Speaker, Author, Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, Young Living Essential Oil distributor and an avid blogger.

I create and promote Healthy Habit experiences throughout the world. I keep myself a clean conduit for God’s will and His work.

I attracted the Chi-To-Be! Mastery Program™ into my life in the most perfect way and most perfect time. It has truly been an answer to prayers in the most pleasantly unexpected ways. The tips and ‘surges’ cause me to stretch my thinking and “Being” beyond what I had previously thought possible. Since becoming a Chi Master and Ambassador I have authored two books and released an audio coaching series while strengthening my faith, my marriage and my precious role as a mom.

Using the energy surges and coaching with Stacey Hall has helped me to know myself and where I am meant to be and not to be. More importantly, combining the energy surges with my faith has been one of the most profound changes I’ve ever made with the results to show for it. I am no longer an overwhelmed over- achiever. I am grounded in my faith and have goals aligned with my faith and my relationship with God.

As ‘The Healthy Habit Coach’, I aspire to find and share wonderful tools for my readers and clients. ‘Chi-To-Be!’™ is certainly one of the top books and programs I recommend. My new book 100 Easy Healthy Habits lists Stacey Hall and ‘Chi-To- Be!’™ as a powerful resource to support health and well being. It has helped me in profound ways both personally and professionally. I am a better coach for having been through such an amazing coaching experience.

What I love most about this Program is that it has a “living” and encompassing nature. This experience inspires growth in ALL aspects of my life. It is like watching a great movie with a wonderful twist or pay-off, only I am IN it…and it is Real.

It is an absolute joy to see my dreams presenting themselves daily as I focus on my B-All™, clarify WHO I AM, and create the goals and means to get there gracefully. I am enjoying a new way of life with my husband, children, friends and community. The blocks I had regarding financial prosperity and the magnitude at which I can make a difference in this world continue to be transformed. It is great to have big goals, but even greater to be empowered with the tools to get there.

Namaste, my fellow and future ‘Chi-To-Be! Masters’™!

Tara Rayburn

Contact me at: www.TheHealthyHabitCoach.com and www.TheHealthyHabitCoach.com

Email me at: Tara@TheHealthyHabitCoach.com

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