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Las Vegas, Nevada – March 7, 2011

World-Renowned Author and Dreamspell Studios
Team Up To Support the Fulfillment of Dreams

In the studio with Joey Melotti, producer and owner of Dreamspell Studios in Henderson, NV, putting the finishing touches on her soon-to-be-released audio program, Las Vegas resident Stacey Hall acknowledges how far she has come over the past six years and celebrates the fulfillment of one of her biggest goals.




Broadcast Interviews


Interview with David Wright

David Wright, host of The Business Lounge interviews Stacey Hall, author of "Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All!" Watch the video to hear Stacey share her #1 Way To Be More Successful in 15 minutes!

Interview with Sharon McWilliams

The Sharon McWilliams Show meets Stacey Hall, author of "Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All!"  Come find out what really inspire her to write this amazing book and create this amazing program.  Wise Woman, if ever you have felt dis-empowered, dis-illusioned, or dis -heartened, this is the show to bring you back to your place of strength!  Stacey will share her journey of self-discovery and the obstacles she overcame!  She says:  'BE Energized --- BE Powerful --- and Keep Your Eye on Your B-All! Catch the interview here.

Interview with Caren Glasser

Stacey Hall joins Caren on today's episode of Stacey is saving the lives of people who are stressed to the snapping point. Her message: ‘BE Energized — BE Powerful – and Keep Your Eye on Your B-All! ‘ has become the rally call for the world-wide Chi-To-Be! (pronounced ’Chee’) Movement that is uplifting the globe with Commitment, Harmony and Inspiration…one person at a time!

Interview with Denise Michaels

Looking for a fresh take on goal-setting? Denise Michaels interviews Stacey Hall on her unique approach to goal-setting. Listen here:"

Interview with Conservative Blues Show

Stacey Hall is interviewed on the Conservative Blues Show. Click here to hear the show and find out what the Chi-To-Be Movement is all about and how you can tap into your inner power to achieve your goals.

Interview with Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Stacey Hall designs Strategic Wellness Solutions for people who are stressed to the snapping point! She shares why she went into business and some of the challenges faced. Also hear from her benefits other entrepreneurs received who attended a workshop with Stacey. Listen here:

Tough Talk with Tony Gambone

Stacey Hall and Denise Michaels - Stacey Hall and Denise Michael are co-facilitating 'Occupy Your Life...NOW!' a 2-day transformative experience to support attendees in living Authentically - Profitably - Without Regrets!

Sandy Andrews interviews Stacey Hall

The MasterCommunicator

Stacey Hall is interviewed on the South Bay Small Business Hour

Stacey Hall on the Wild Woman Network Radio

Stacey Hall, Shortcuts to Success on Wild Woman Network

We all have something to heal

Listen in to learn about the amazing powers of essential oils. Listen here:


Interview with Janet and Sally of Living Well Nevada magazine

Listen in:

Interview with Sandra Lee Schubert on the WildWomanNetworkListen in:

Want to hear more interviews so you can aCHIeve your B-All with velocity and ease? Click below for more interviews.


Print Interviews

Selling Books with Cathy Stucker –Cathy Stucker's interview with Stacey Hall, Leader of the Chi-To-Be! Lifestyle & Catalyst for the Chi-To-Be! Movement

Click Here to read more:



Catalyzing Happiness: Have Passport -- Have Happiness!

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." -Mark Twain.

Stacey shares how happiness and vacations are tied together.

Click here for the full article:


Featured writer on – June 2011

You Can “Try” Till You’re Blue in the Face, You Want Results? Do This.

What do you want to accomplish? What are your passions? Author and speaker Stacey Hall explains her belief that we will reveal our goals and succeed if we quit trying. Instead of ‘trying,’ she says, empower yourself with energy-lifting, or chi-lifting, words and intentions.

Click Here for the full article:“try”-till-you’re-blue-face-you-want-results-do




Stacey Hall featured on Rewiring Your Mind Radio Show
Click here to hear the show

Buy a Book-Save a Life!

Doctors acknowledge that stress is a leading factor in the development of life-threatening conditions. This is the reason why I wrote 'Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All'. Please click here to learn how you can help me save the lives of people stressed to the snapping point.

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