Michael Thrower


My B-All™:  To reach financial freedom, study with the best minds in the world and bring this wisdom back to others.


The Most Important Thing In The World To Me Is:  To reach the highest level of consciousness where I am one with God and a channel for His Divine creativity.


I am a Licensed Spiritual Healer with certifications in the Raindrop Technique, Color Light Therapy, and as an Aromatherapy Coach. My passions are empowering people's lives by helping them discover their dreams and then putting them in it, working with healing energy, music, meditation and life.


I firmly believe that nothing happens by accident. Stacey and I met at a Raindrop Technique intensive workshop and then continued to synchronistically meet at various workshops. During these experiences, I recognized her amazing talents and insights.


My reasons for participating in the Program were to become clear about what I wanted to accomplish and to get assistance in getting there. Since joining the Chi-To-Be! Mastery Program™, Stacey has helped me recognize and develop the skill set I need to take my life to where I want it to be. The tips and ‘energy surges’ gave me solid steps on which to build the foundation of growth to the fulfillment of my B-All™.


Now I am making progress towards reaching the Gold-level of Young Living™ distributors on my way to the ultimate level of Crown Diamond and my own business, ‘MindsEyeHome’, is thriving


I’ve not only found my dream, I am in it! What a blessing!

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