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AdrienneYoungAdrienne R. Young
Licensed MassageTherapist
Owner - Seriously Sublime LLC

My B-All

I AM a financially prosperous, secure and independent Massage Therapist and Gold Level Young Living Distributor, living with abundant health and vitality. I surround myself with loving, kind, supportive and honest individuals and I reflect these attributes to all that I encounter..

The Most Important Thing In the World To Me

Is my loving relationship with God that allows me to go to him at any time in supplication and ask for his love, guidance, support and blessings. To work everyday to make him proud of me and who I am.

Participating in the Chi-to-Be Mastery Program I think was by divine intervention and has allowed me to see that by following my spiritual truth I can accomplish anything and everything I desire that I once had been afraid to pursue or even think about. This program has given me the tools to use that will last a lifetime. Practicing and following the 11 energy surges has become a way of life and a way to break through long held blocks that have previously kept me from moving forward towards my goals in a positive way with velocity and ease.

Learning to be accountable to myself and no one else has helped me to realize that life is about working harmoniously with others and building powerful agreements allowing me to be responsible to others in these agreements, but not accountable to them. Learning to Schedule for Success has been a pivotal area to keep me focused and in alignment with my goals and the intentional activities that will propel me to my B-All.

Knowing that what I think about and the words I choose to use daily will ultimately become my reality has helped me to be impeccable with my words, to not take what others say personally, to not make assumptions about others or about situations, to ask noble questions of myself and others and to always do the very best that I can.

I know now that with God all things are possible, it’s ok to ask for help, it’s ok to not know the answers, it’s helpful to believe and trust that all will be disclosed to me when the time is right, to be patient and be opened to any and all opportunities, to know that the answers I seek may not be glaringly obvious replies, but often subtle whispers and that I need to be awake and aware and that the answers may not be what I expected but to except that it’s the answer that I need at that particular time and to simply Breath!!!

Thank you Stacey Hall for showing me the way!


Dana Christisen
Licensed Spiritual Healer, CARE-Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, Certified Aromatherapy Coach, Silver Level Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils, Certified Chi-To-Be! Coach, co-creator of Chi-Generating Oil Anointing Technique

Dana Christisen is a Licensed Spiritual healer, a CARE-Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, a Certified Aromatherapy Coach, a silver level distributor with Young Living Essential Oils, a Certified Chi-To-Be! Coach, and the co-creator of the Chi-Generating Oil Anointing Technique. She is also the host of the internet radio show “Essential Oils Experience” and founder of Oil Wear Diffuser Jewelry.

Involved with natural healing since 1994, Dana has dedicated her work to helping others to control their health naturally. It is her belief that God gave us everything that we need to heal ourselves in nature.

Dana’s passion for natural health really took off in 1994 when her father became diagnosed with leukemia. At that time, she spent hours doing research to better understand his dis-ease with the intention of finding something that would support him to be well. He passed away in 1995, along with her father-in-law, both to cancer. This has led to years of research, training, and experience with various herbs, essential oils, nutritional supplements, nutritional philosophies, energy work, emotional healing, and personal development.

As a silver level distributor with Young Living Essential Oils, Dana has mentored hundreds of people on the best ways to control their health and create healthier homes using essential oils. She is also a business mentor to the people in her downline organization, helping others to create wealth through sharing the natural lifestyle that Young Living has to offer. She was also a co-presenter at the 2012 Young Living International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, attended by over 4,000 people introducing the Chi-Generating Oil Anointing Technique which she is the co-creator of.

As a Certified Chi-To-Be! Coach, Dana facilitates private and group coaching sessions and workshops with the intent to help others break through their blocks to become more powerful using the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges(tm) as taught by Stacey Hall in her book Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All!. This program is based on 11 Energy Surges that can be used to help raise our energy and propel us closer to our B-All! or ultimate goal in life.

As a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, Dana has worked with hundreds of people to help support them with various issues, including back pain, shoulder pain, migraines, nerve issues, and much more.

Dana is the creator of Oil Wear Diffuser Jewelry which began in 2011. She creates from scratch, clay pendants that are glazed and fired which hold essential oils inside. This makes a personal diffuser when worn as a pendant.

Dana has been married to Bob Christisen since 1992 and has two daughters, Elle and Emily, and three step-sons, Rocky, Shane, and Jake. Dana and Bob own an excavating business, a feed store, and are agricultural producers.


DorthanewprofilepicDortha Hise
Virtual Assistant
Owner – Pretty Smart VA Services

My B-All
I AM an internationally renowned speaker and author. I am traveling the world speaking and my family is able to travel with me. We are preparing for a trip to New Zealand along with Ben, Marisa, Hope and Autumn, to see where all of the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed.

The Most Important Thing In the World To Me
Being fulfilled—on so many levels of my life personally and professionally.

Participating in the Chi-to-Be Mastery Program has been incredibly fulfilling toward me. Every week, I am able to plug in with my fellow Chi Masters and discuss the energy surges, be able to bring real conversations and situations to the table for discussion and resolution has also been very rewarding. For me, practicing and following the 11 energy surges have become an instrumental way for me to grow and develop that most important thing in the world to me: being fulfilled. I had experienced a number of blocks in the past and they had been holding me back from my truest and most high potential. The energy surges have supported me every step of the way and with ease.

Learning to Schedule for Success each and every day has really propelled me forward in so many ways—I tend to be a person of “if it’s on the calendar, it happens.” I now have a day blocked out each week for my own projects, which was a huge feeling of accomplishment. I also have other activities that are important to me scheduled in, which tie into Energy Surge #6, The Power of Love. The power of Personal Accountability has been a huge accomplishment in my journey in riding the Chi…I now am able to sit with noble questions and know that ultimately I’m determining whether to do something because it is in alignment with achieving my B-All or not, and if I do or do not choose to do something, it is because I am holding myself accountable for those activities. That has been a tremendously powerful experience.

The Four Harmonious Agreements, and in particular, #2, Don’t Take Anything Personally has been another huge opportunity for growth. I have grown so much in this arena since starting the Chi-To-Be Mastery Program that I could probably write a book on the topic!

I am confident in myself and my choices and know that I am impeccable with my words, I hold myself accountable, sit with noble questions and determine what is the best course of action, all toward the fulfillment of my B-All. What an amazing gift Stacey has provided me in being a part of this life-transforming program.

Thank you Stacey Hall for paving the path and sharing your wisdom!

Contact Dortha at:

Lisa_BellyMamasLisa Repasky Sandhusen
New Milford, New Jersey

My B-All:
I am a Chi-To-Be! Experience Coach, Oil Anointing Technique Trainer and Wife and Mother to a happy and healthy family.

The Most Important Thing In The World To Me Is:
To help people to connect to their purpose.

Lisa Repasky Sandhusen, Post Partum Doula, Holistic Minister Practitioner, RED TENT facilitator and Leader of the Chi-To-Be! Circle of P.O.W.E.R Leaders.

Lisa’s passion is to help people live in peace and happiness; to think well about themselves and others and to encourage people to live in healthy supportive ways that sustain individual wellness and prosperity that compliment and spiral out to their families, communities and the environment. She sees all humans as having unlimited potential. Whether that means transforming through illness, weight issues or achieving work/life goals, thriving not just surviving is Lisa’s passion for people.

When Lisa met Stacey, her visions for local and global change seemed so unattainable that she had no clear goals. With Stacey’s guidance and the support of the Chi-To-Be! Circle Leaders Lisa is in the process of living her dreams and proud to be part of an international grass roots movement that openly supports the success of every human being. Chi-To-Be! is transforming individuals and groups with simple to use tools for achieving the most happiness, health and abundance out of life.

Contact Lisa at:

LorindaWalkerLorinda Walker
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Raindrop Practitioner
Owner, Essential Wellness & Massage Therapy, LLC, providing Young Living Essential Oil education and Massage Therapy

My B-All: I AM a loving wife and mother creating a peaceful and harmonious family that loves and respects one another. I AM financially prosperous and I enjoy abundant health.

The most important thing in the world to me: My relationship with God. I love knowing that I can accomplish anything with His strength and love. Knowing that God loves me and expects great things from me propels me to fulfill my purpose in helping others achieve abundant health.

I am a happily married wife of 22 years, mom of two beautiful children, Young Living Silver Level Distributor, Massage Therapist, Raindrop Practitioner, Speaker, and singer. I enjoy showing others how they can take charge of their health and empower themselves with the knowledge that the body is designed to heal itself and that plants are our gift to assist us in getting back into balance. Young Living has transformed my life in so many ways and I am passionate about sharing the amazing healing properties of these essential oils.

I met Stacey Hall at the Young Living Convention in July 2012. I enjoyed her Chi -Generating Oil Anointing Technique so much, I was moved to immediately sign up to be a Circle Leader for Chi-To-Be. I could not wait to bring this experience back to my Young Living Team. I have always believed in professional coaching as a tool for self-development and when an opportunity arose for me to study the energy surges more deeply, I jumped at the chance to become part of the Chi Mastery program.

Since participating in this program, I have seen many positive changes in my personal and business life. I have shared the Chi-To-Be principles with my family and they are practicing the energy surges with me. It has made us closer as a family and we are achieving our goals together. Each member of my family has their own B-All. When one of my kids complains about doing something I relate it right back to their B-All. Once they see the significance of the activity as it relates to them, cooperation follows. We are adopting the Chi-To-Be lifestyle, which means we are all in it together. We have eliminated negative self-talk and are being impeccable with our word, striving to use language that is uplifting to each other and those around us.

Since creating my Strategic Attraction plan, I have attracted many new members to my Young Living family and they each have many of the attributes that I declared would be perfect for me on my plan. People are now seeking me out, who are interested in natural health care and are willing to invest in themselves to improve their health. In just a few months, I advanced my rank to Silver and my business builders who are using the techniques in the book are growing their businesses as well.

Perhaps the biggest benefit was releasing the blocks that have kept me stuck for so long. Through Stacey’s coaching I have identified the blocks and fears that have held me back. I have released them and am now moving forward with velocity and ease towards achieving my goals! I am enjoying sharing this journey with other like-minded individuals and it is amazing to see what we have all collectively accomplished in the time we have been together. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is ready to transform their life and be all that they intend to be.

Contact Lorinda at:


Louise Umeki

Founder & Creator of Powerful Possibilities 

My B-All: I am a sparkling, joyful, powerful businesswoman that inspires, encourages & motivates others to step into their brilliance to find happiness & success in their personal & business lives.
The most important thing in the world to be is: that my son, daughter-in-law & grandsons are happy, healthy & blessed.
I love being a happy, blessed mother & grandmother that walks by faith. I believe that anything & everything is possible when you believe and put action into your dreams & goals. I see possibilities all around me and love helping others see that they don’t have to walk the same path as others – they can be whatever they want to be.
I am loving being in “The Block is Gone” class as it is opening my eyes to ways of bettering myself and seeing what holds me back and how to remove those hiccups. As the Founder of Powerful Possibilities, part of my mission is to inspire & encourage those who have blocks that are stopping them or slowing them down. My goal is to renew their spirit & their light and watch each one of them SHINE!

Contact Louise at:

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