How to Speak Volumes Without Saying a Word!


"Self-consciousness kills communication." ~Rick Steves


How To Speak Volumes Without Saying A Word
I have found the shortest distance between two people is impeccable communication.

Chi-To-Be! Energy Surge #5 -- Harmonious Agreements -- is based on The 4 Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz.

One of these Agreements, 'to not make assumptions' came to mind when I saw a video by one of our fellow Attraction Masters, Dortha Hise, who has been experiencing a challenge with her vocal chords and was unable to utter a word while attending a conference at which she was intending to attract new clients.

It would have been easy for Dortha to cancel attending the conference if she had assumed she would not be able to achieve her goal of attracting new clients simply because she was unable to speak.

Instead, she chose to use two of the don Miguel Ruiz’s 4 Agreements -- 'Be Impeccable With Your Word' and 'Do Your Best' -- and was very successful as you can see from her video.

Here’s Dortha’s video to watch how she achieved her goals despite not having a voice..

Now consider where you have allowed yourself to be stopped because you did not think you had the ‘perfect’ words to say or the ‘perfect’ thing to offer.

With Dortha’s inspiration, what might be possible for you now?

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  • Sheri Kaye Hoff

    Great post- I love the 4 agreements and it was a great idea to include the video too:) Blessings, Sheri

    • Stacey Hall

      Thank you, Sheri!

  • Dawn Schaupert

    What a great Attraction Tip !! I AM at a place in my life that I don’t take things personally. It was hard for me. With learning the 11 Energy Surges has made me a different person and I love who I AM. Also, I love the Chi-To-Be! song by Joey Melotti. Thank you Stacey for another great Attraction Tip !!

  • A wonderful attraction tip and video. Being impeccable with my word, not taking things personally, not Making assumptions, and doing my best has truly changed me into a better person.

  • Nauticaljoni

    The Attaction tip and Video speaks Volumes to me! I chose to add these into my life, speaking impeccably, not taking anything personal, not to make assumptions, and doing my best. This has shifted me into a less stressful being.

  • Janell Smith

    Being impeccable with my words and to not make assumptions has helped me communicate better with others, especially my family. A great attraction tip and video.

  • Dortha is such in inspiration to me!
    My ability to communicate with others especially my family has shifted dramatically since learning about Energy Surge #5 Harmoniously Powerful Agreements. I find myself asking many questions to clarify so there are no assumptions.

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