Fastest Attraction Mastery Self-Study Program

Fastest Attraction Mastery Self-Study Program
This Audio Coaching Program consists of 6 HOURS of PERSONAL INSTRUCTION from Stacey Hall and people who have been trained in the Program. PLUS a CUSTOMIZED WORKBOOK that goes along with the AUDIO PROGRAM. After completing the Program you will have your own Strategic Attraction Planning™ process for whatever it is that you intend to attract into your life.

I first began using my Strategic Attraction Planning System in 1992 to attract my husband -- I met him 2 days after creating my first Strategic Attraction Plan. We were engaged within 3 weeks, married within 4 months and we will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary on June 28th!

I used this same System in all of my work and personal experiences from that day forward.

In 1997, long before 'The Secret,' I began sharing it with others through workshops and EVERYONE experienced the same immediate results!!

In fact, it was my clients who encouraged me to write my first book so that more people could learn this Attraction System.

I did and my first book is still a best-seller more than 10 years later...just ask my publisher Berrett-Koehler!

In fact, in addition to the 1000s of readers of my books, they have also been endorsed by Superstar Authors and Experts such as Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy, Marci Shimoff and Denise Michaels.

Now, you can also experience how easy it is to become an Attraction Master...

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"Just after purchasing the Fastest Attraction Mastery Self-Study Program, within minutes 2 people contacted me. One person, who I had not talked to for awhile, asked for guidance on a health issue. The other person reached out over Facebook just to chat and is now looking at purchasing some of my products. No coincidences. I saw it as a definite start to a magnificent soon-to-be blooming business! I am definitely feeling Blessed already!! Thank you."
-- Kathy G.

"Before the Fastest Attraction Mastery Self-Study Program, my life was full of overwhelm....definitely out of balance and living a life of pleasing others at the cost of my own health, happiness and goals. Taking on another class didn’t seem like a good idea on paper – I couldn’t keep up with anything else in my life…. I was stretched to snapping! I’d never been in a class where I was forced to participate – it was terrifying at times, but the breakthroughs I made were profound and life changing.

After the Program, I am now a believer in the power of intention! I’m a better health coach and accountability partner/peer coach; I opened my mind to spiritual development, and a new realm was opened to me; I now attract clients in the time and place I need them to fulfill financial and personal development goals; people come in to my life when I need them, supporting me in my journey and setting me up for success. I am growing into, and owning my power. It sounds crazy, but I’ve always known I had a power inside me; I didn’t know how to use it, and it terrified me. Now I am coming to understand it and my potential." -- Shanna W.

This Program is a foolproof formula for success. It has been proven to work for thousands of entrepreneurs, corporations and non-profit organizations around the world since its introduction more than 15 years ago. This Program has also provided a solid foundation for hundreds of romantic relationships to blossom and flourish.

The Program is RECORDED so you can listen again and again at your convenience.

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With Chi-Light,
Stacey Hall, L.S.H., C.N.T.C., C.A.C., C.R.T.S.
CEO and Founder, The Hall Institute of Intuitive Wellness

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