Christina Lindley


My B-All™:  To win a major live poker tournament with a $1million+ cash award for first place. To use the winnings that I make to help people on a grand scale and change the lives of my family and friends.


The Most Important Thing In The World To Me Is:  To be successful.


I chose to participate in the Chi-To-Be! Mastery Program™ because I intend my ‘quality of life’ to be as amazing as possible every day, which means I intend to become the best person I can be, constantly achieving a higher level of understanding about who I am and how to live my life to my fullest potential.


What I enjoy the most about the program is how I have used it to understand exactly who I was being in the past, and who I am now as a result of being my B-All™ and being consciously aware of my actions and intentions every day.


Most valuable to me was reaching my goals and achieving what I set out to do. I intended to become one of the best poker players in the world. I am now experiencing progress every day on my way towards that goal:

    • I intended to attract a financial backer.  I have.


    • I intended to win a live tournament with a cash prize of over a million dollars.  I expect to accomplish this goal within the next year based on the results I have achieved since participating in this Program.


    • I also intend to use the wealth and notoriety I achieve to help my family and friends, and to improve the poker industry for the better. I have already been able to make a difference in how I provide support to my family and friends.  Making a difference in the Poker industry is next on my list of goals.

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