Melissa SheltonMelissa Shelton Dvm

May 24

"I have been having a wonderful, deeply (and sometimes emotional) thought provoking time working with my SAP as well as other tools in the Chi-To-Be system. I cannot thank Stacey enough for giving me the "detour" I needed to drive to my destination faster, easier, with velocity and ease! I notice the people who should stay in my "circle" and notice the people that should not. I gave myself some "me time" which told myself "I am Loved!". It is much easier to decide on which tasks to give my energy to when I am feeling overwhelmed. Those that support my B-All - always feel better to do."



Carol Westcott ShockleyCarol Westcott Shockley

May 24

"Stacey Hall, I am getting it finally. Boy I am a slow learner. I had a few God revelations in the shower this morning and I am blessed to have Tara Rayburn as a mentor in my life. I wanted to thank you for continually sending positive energy out into the world and helping to changes lives. I truly believe each of us have something to give back if we search inside ourselves our passions will be revealed. I am bringing Chi-to-be forward to a group I am meeting with over the next few days as a guide and asking them if they would be interested in working through it together. I think accountability is a essential element in all that we achieve. Thank you again. It was great to see you last night and reconnect. 🙂 Hugs to both you and Tara!"



Dana Evans ChristisenDana Evans Christisen

"I am getting the type of people showing up that I am putting out the attraction for. The new clients/distributors that are showing up are fitting the criteria I laid out in the SAP.

It is almost surreal but a management company visited me today and they want to analyze my business by looking at my financials and taxes and debt etc. I don't have to pay for the analysis if I don't like what they propose. They will help me to write myself a paycheck from the business first, then use the rest for my overhead/debt service.

It is basically going to tell us if our business can be profitable or if we need to throw in the towel. I am amazed because this is exactly what I need for that business. It will put me in a management role instead of bookkeeping role and I can hire an assistant and focus my time on what I intend to do.

This past week feels like a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

I am very excited about learning more so that I can be a blessing to others even more.

I love my organized and neatly typed SAP! I read it several times a day."


 Lara Reuter Manche

I have been under landfall of stress lately and wasn't handling it well at all. Since going to my first meeting a week ago, I have been a lot calmer. My hubby and kids have said I even look better. Things are STARTING to fall into place. (Even with my Mom's pending cancer treatments) Thank you.I have been under landfall of stress lately and wasn't handling it well at all. Since going to my first meeting a week ago, I have been a lot calmer. My hubby and kids have said I even look better. Things are STARTING to fall into place. (Even with my Mom's pending cancer treatments) Thank you.


Dawn Hepler Schaupert

Hi Tracey - I have been working with the book and Stacey for approximately two months now. I have a couple SAP's. One for my Young Living Business where I am attracting people who need oils. I have one for my weight loss plan, I have one for the doctor I am seeking and I have one for just about everything I am seeking. I would be happy to share mine with you if you would like me, too ! 🙂


Laura SidermanLaura Siderman

My personal relationship with money has been totally shifted through conversations with Stacey Hall, best-selling author, and creator of the newly introduced Chi-To-Be book and coaching program.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, and most of my work has centered around my creative talents. In the past, I had issues with charging enough for my services and de-valuing my work. I'd sometimes do spec work, offer to do things for free even when people asked to pay, etc. I believed money was somehow negative and that collecting money made me a greedy person, and yet I still hoped to be "financially successful"!

Stacey helped me change the way I look at money. It is simply part of the flow of energy. It is impossible to give, give, give, without receiving, or we completely deplete ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.

In addition, allowing the flow of energy to come back to me (through financial payment) keeps these circuits open, so they can continue to grow and build. When we keep the energy flow even (equal give and take), the results are tremendous and the sky is the limit.

In addition, she is big proponent of clarifying what it is you want in life, the biggest, wildest, goal you have, and putting it into words. She calls it your B-All. Mine happens to include a financial dollar amount.

Rather than thinking, "I want to be financially successful" (this is the statement I started with), she helped me clarify what that means to me. For some it may be "I will make over 100K a year", for others it may be "I will make $100 Million in the course of my career" or whatever amount feels right for the individual. Saying my B-All out loud every day helps me feel comfortable with money and the desire to have "financial success".

There are so many strategies and ways to shift our thought processes, but it can sometimes be hard to find those without some guidance. I needed her help to get there.

I highly recommend personal coaching with Stacey, or just check out the Chi-To-Be book.


 Tracy Van Epps Connell

I just wanted to share that I've been working in the book for less than a week. Imade a rough strategic action plan. I feel like I need to read the book and then go back through again. However, after writing the qualities of my perfect Young Living partner, and reading it every day...they're here! Less than a week. It's WORKING! I've never had my team 'show up' (meaning being accountable, contacting me, enrolling people etc.) like this before and with such velocity and ease! This is electric!

I just want to share that I am getting more familiar with the Chi-lifts and how to apply them to my life. Last night I went A.P.E., and scheduled my day today. It was amazing that I woke up bursting with energy and motivation to clear the clutter with Intention! I haven't felt good emotionally for quite some time, and today......I feel like my old self! Woo hoo!!!!! p.s. Also have been reading Abraham and being in the vortex, which I like to call my feel good circle:)

Paul Lofgreen, CLMT

I'd like to tell you about something else that has had a profound effect on my life and, in fact, has transformed it in an extremely positive manner. That is the Chi-To-Be! Movement and Stacey Hall.

I originally became associated with Chi-to-Be! through the group on Facebook. It seemed to be a group of very positive people and I needed that in my life during my last few months of schooling at the Nevada School of Massage Therapy. I was weary with working during the day and going to school at night. My plan was to just get out of school and do 2 or 3 massages a week to supplement my Social Security income. The people in the group kept mentioning a book, Chi-To-Be!, so I purchased it and began to read it. Next I entered what I thought was a silly little contest and won! The prize was a year-long Chi-To-Be! coaching program with Stacey Hall. I had no idea how this would transform, focus and save my life. I have been able to say goodbye to stress and dis-ease!

My life has now dramatically changed as a result of Stacey and Chi-To-Be!. I have created and founded the Mountain Top Wholeness Center, LLC and my business is growing with velocity and ease. My life has now become focused and purpose-driven. The Energy Surges have allowed me to accomplish more than I could have dreamed. Many friends of my age group are agape with wonder at where I get the focus, how I get my energy and the fact that I never slow down. I'm keeping my eye on my B-All and daily increase my energy using this process.

In summary, what Stacey has to offer is invaluable for people who desire to live their lives authentically and with intent. The value to those desiring to grow their is inestimable. For these and many other reasons I encourage you to engage Stacey Hall as a presenter for your convention or meeting.

Make it a great day!
Paul Lofgreen, CLMT



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