Stacey Hall and Caren Glasser on Google HangoutHow to Boost Your Energy with Velocity and Ease. Have you been attracting people who deplete your energy rather than support your success?

If you are like us, you often feel overwhelmed or stressed out from being pulled in so many directions. You may also feel frustration because there is something that you would like to do or have but never quite find the time or money to do it. 
Sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective in order for us to release our stress and lift the burdens we have been carrying. 

Join Stacey Hall, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Natural Therapies Coach, and Founder of The Hall Institute of Intuitive Wellness on this complimentary webinar for an exploration of 11 simple ways to shift our perspective, lift our spirit, and boost our own energy.

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Get your Chi On! Stacey Hall was interviewed on PWRN by Lillian Sara Cauldwell. Stacey shares how to transform yourself from being a searchlight into a lighthouse powerfully attracting what you desire! Listen to the interview at:

Set and Achieve Your True Intentions FREE Tele-Class. THIS FREE LIVE ENERGY-GENERATING, GOAL-SETTING TELE-CLASS TO HARMONIZE YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT WILL ALSO BE RECORDED. During this one-hour tele-class, you will tap into the power of each one of the 11 Energy Surges shared in the best-selling book 'Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All!' through a guided goal-setting Technique. These Energy Surges are designed to raise your vibration so that you may experience the following benefits: *Focus and Clarity on your Goal(s) *Clearing Blocked Emotions *Pain Reduction *Stress Reduction *A Sense of Grounding *Strengthening of the Mind Body connection *Increase in Energy This energy-boosting goal-setting Technique is intended to be the activating and catalyzing force behind every other intentional activity undertaken each day so that you can achieve all of your goals with greater velocity and ease. Facilitated by Stacey Hall, L.S.H., and Dana Christisen, L.S.H. More information about Chi-To-Be! at *ACCESS TO THE F*REE TELE-CLASS RECORDING

Religious Experience….I’ve often wondered what people meant when they said they had a religious experience….well, I will wonder no longer. Not only did I have a religious experience, but I also had an eye opening, jaw dropping, cloud clearing, block busting, teary release experience simply by letting go of several fears and negative misconceptions and thought processes that I’ve held tightly to for more than 45 years. I know now what is meant when someone says that the fear of something is far worse then the actual reality of whatever it is you are resisting. I have always resisted things that I have feared or didn’t quite understand and invariable they came back at me with a vengeance. They never disappeared as I hoped, but they just got bigger and uglier with each return visit. I had one of the most incredible conversations I’ve ever had last night with Stacey, who guided me to a powerful way of thinking and behaving and believing. There is always multiple ways of looking at things and in my previous thought process I tended to be negative and go back to my pattern of hiding under a rock and believing the crap I learned as a child. I won’t be doing that any more. I will work at releasing my fears as soon I realize they exist because they are keeping me from reaching my B-All. Remembering my spiritual truth and knowing deep down that Stacey is her to assist and support me will move me forward towards all my goals.

After my conversation with Stacey, I was able to accomplish in one hour what I hadn’t been able to do for several weeks. This clearing experience enabled me to contact a dear friend who I have been talking to about The Block Is Gone tele-classes and encouraging her to invest in herself.

I have learned to trust that Stacey is here to love and support me over any hurdle I might encounter. The tools she’s given me, as well as always, always, always remembering my spiritual truth, I honestly believe I will very probably be unstoppable. It’s truly an amazing experience. There’s a quote I like…..”Let Go and Let God”….I realize now that if Stacey doesn’t catch you, he absolutely will. Thank you Stacey….you are loved and deeply respected!

The Block is Gone FREE Tele-class A few years ago, in desperation, I asked for inspiration and guidance in how to clear an emotional block which was causing me to make the same mistakes … over and over again. The answer that I received was SO Simple — and I was able to do it in less than 5 minutes — that I still can not believe that we all do not know how easy it is to release our selves from the burden of thoughts which block our progress so we can achieve our goals and ultimate Purpose. Since the answer was given to me for FREE…I feel it is only right for me to share it with you for FREE too! This is one way that I pay forward my appreciation for what I have received. If you have been… – wondering why you keep repeating the same mistakes – feeling stuck in a rut – losing ground instead of moving forward to your goals with ease …then join me for this FREE Tele-Class and learn how to release your own Emotional Blocks in as little as 5 minutes!! *ACCESS TO THE F*REE TELE-CLASS RECORDING HERE.*AND, YOU WILL RECEIVE A F*REE BONUS GIFT FOR REGISTERING — A 30-MINUTE MASTERY COACHING AUDIO PROGRAM TO ADD EVEN MORE VALUE TO YOUR EXPERIENCE OF THIS TELE-CLASS!!

"Hi Stacey, What an inspiration you are!!! Yes, you rock! We just finished your teleconference and I want to thank you for all the new tools which will sit in the top of my toolbox, easily accessible AND organized!!! I am so excited! I am very honored to be a part of a rich, transforming time." Gratefully, Dawna Patten

Tribal Chat interview with Shivie Cook "What a joy to interview Stacey Hall, of The Chi To Be Movement, on Tribal Chat today. Didn't join us live? No worries, check out the recording will fall in love with Stacey just like I did." -- Shivie Cook, Interviewer, Tribal Chat on Blog Talk Radio

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Aligning Your Intentions To Activate Your Intuition - F*ree Teleclass

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Stacey Hall guides you through a series of quick and easy exercises for boosting your own chi-generating power so you can "aCHIeve" your goals with velocity and ease.

Interview with Roger Hawks

"Accountability, Owners, Managers, and Employees" Accountability Partners – Every employee needs to have a coach who is guiding them with ideas and guidance so they move through the apprentice, craftsman and Master levels of their profession.

Stacey will be introducing the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surge #11 -- Personal Accountability -- and how to use this Energy Surge to attract the most perfect Accountability Partners.

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The Chi-To-Be! Worldwide Webinar


BlogTalk Radio with Sandra Lee Schubert on the WildWomanNetwork - Interview - Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All™ with Stacey Hall - To listen to the recording, click here!


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