Donna Grace"The Chi-To-Be! Coaching Club has changed me personally and allowed me to achieve my goals quickly. So quickly in fact, my Young Living business is keeping me very busy. My business growth in a year is 600%! I am living my passion to help people using natural healing as well as meeting financial goals. I am taking life by my B-ALL.

Thank you for all you have provided in my life and helping me set and meet my goals. Your guidance has been invaluable!" - Donna Grace

Ann Richardson"My Chi-To-Be! Coaching Club goal for this month is 'I intend to attract four new bodywork clients this month.' It has been met and the month is only half over. I'd call that 'velocity and ease'! I appreciate the great coaching that everyone has extended to me."

- Ann Richardson


Linda Zima"Stacey Hall & the Chi-To-Be! Coaching Club has truly changed my life! I'm a 55 year old Taurus Italian, for those of you that don't know what that means ...lets just say I'm highly "excitable" (fiery temper) , perhaps firm in my beliefs (stubborn) and share my thoughts freely (tell it like it is) just to name a few. Since studying with Stacey its amazing how these traits no longer describe me as they once did (for which my loved ones are forever grateful.) The tools I have learned and practice daily have transformed me into a "Mellow " Chi Lifter.  If anyone wants more details please contact me. I recommend this program to everyone, it should be taught in schools! Thank you Stacey Hall!!!"

- Linda Zima

Jen Roszelle "I am a member of The Chi-To-Be! coaching club. I'm approaching my one year anniversary with Stacey Hall and Chi-To-Be. A year ago I did not have concrete goals....more like wishes. I felt like I was spinning my wheels in the mud until I read Stacey's book and joined the coaching club. I have made HUGE progress in the past year, even in the past couple of months. I'm teaching these principles to my family and sharing with any of my friends that would like to learn more." - Jen Roszelle

20201_4554260069026_1590748732_nAs humans when we think of miracles, we usually think big…like the parting of the red sea, turning water into wine, we think lightening strikes and fireworks, but miracles happen to us in our daily lives and we don’t even notice because they are subtle…they are little building blocks stacked upon each other day after day, week after week. These little miracles are no less important to our growth and movement towards our B-All. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and accomplishing what by many standards is small are actually individual accomplishments and small wonderful miracles. Such a small miracles happened for me during last week’s Chi-Master’s call (Thursday, January 17, 2013).

Stacey had sent an email to all participants on the Chi-Master’s call to let us know ahead of time that one of the members had requested a time change for the monthly meeting and we needed to discuss alternatives. The Chi-Master’s call had been meeting for several months at 1:15Ppm (EST). Being I work a corporate job and my lunch hour was from 1:00pm – 2:00pm this time slot was perfect for me. But as life would have it, this time needed to be changed. After polling the entire group, Stacey determined that I was the only one on the call who had an issue with the new time being proposed. Stacey made a request of me….her request was…”would you be willing to ask your boss if you could change your lunch hour, one hour a month to a time that was 45-minutes later”. I agreed to make the request of my boss, but was initially uncomfortable with what I needed to do. For about 30 seconds panic set in and I wanted to run for the hills with my tail between my legs as I’ve always done in the past….but I stopped myself, I thought of my spiritual truth and knew I could make the request. I stood tall, put on my big girl panties, walked to my desk, sat down and wrote my boss an email (he was out of the office for several days). The words just flowed. I then thought I needed to also leave him a voicemail message, which I immediately did. In the past, I would have hemmed and hawed about what to say…the words just came to me and I wanted to talk to him about what I needed his support with.

Twenty four hours later, he finally called me…we discussed business matters and then he asked me about my personal request. I told him that I had hired a life coach who worked with me on a personal level and on a group level and one of our group meetings was from 2:00pm – 3:00pm once a month and would he support and approve me taking a different lunch hour once a month to accommodate this meeting. I told him “this coaching will make me a more efficient employee”, to which he said….”I don’t know it that is true, but this is obviously something that is important to you, so you can take a different lunch hour one day a month.”

I’ve said all of this to say that sometimes you just need to breath…trust in yourself and your spiritual truth and trust that what you are learning from Stacey Hall is real, and lasting and will help propel you to places you’ve only dreamed of. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone, because this is the place that will help transform and transcend you to places you’ve only imagined. I like to believe that if God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.
--Adrienne Young
Massage Therapist, Seriously Sublime

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