Chi-To-Be! Coach Certification Program


Must Successfully Complete 1 thru 9

1. Professional Ethics Course -

2. Professional Practices Course -

3. Professional Informed Consent Course -

        Total CEUs from these 3 Courses = 40

4. Basic Skills Coaching Workshop (5 weeks @ 2½ hrs/week)

Total CEUs from this Course = 45

5. BE Powerful Coaching Club™ (1 hr/month for 12 months) and private coaching by phone with Stacey Hall (30 mins/month for 12 months) $259.00/month or $1995/yr (click here to read more about the BE Powerful Coaching Club™ )

6. ‘The Block Is Gone’ Tele-Program™ – 6 hour audio program  $259.00 (click here to read more about 'The Block is Gone' Tele-Program™)

7. ‘Fastest Attraction Mastery Self-Study’ Program™ – 6 hour audio program $179.00 (click here to read more about 'Fastest Attraction Mastery Self-Study' Program™)

Total CEUs from this Coaching = 30

8. Additional coursework of:

  • Daily conversation with accountability partner (M-F)
  • Submit updated Strategic Attraction Plan™ to Stacey Hall by last day of each month

Total CEUs from this coursework = 65

9. Four-Week Practice Chi-To-Be! Coach™ Training:  Candidate attracts a Practice Coachee and provides 4 coaching sessions by phone.  Sessions are recorded and reviewed each week with Stacey Hall or an Instructor designated by Stacey Hall.

Total CEUs = 8  (8 hours x $25.00/CEU = $200.00)

10. Participate and pass a private oral simulated coaching test by phone with Stacey Hall or an Instructor designated by Stacey Hall ($149.00)

11. Purchase of the entire set of Chi-To-Be! materials (book, both audio sets, and ACHIevement Guide™) of Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All! by Stacey Hall*

*Required materials at additional cost, purchased exclusively through Life Science Publishers

TOTAL CEUs = 188

To maintain certification, a Certified Chi-To-Be! Coach™ must fully participate in the BE Powerful Coaching Club™, continuing to post their daily I AM statements and Chi-Generating Calculator™ Score, and be present on all the live coaching calls. (Minimum participation is 10 out of 12 coaching calls), PLUS, maintain a relationship with a daily connection with their Chi-To-Be! Accountability Partner (M-F) and submit an updated Strategic Attraction PlanTM to Stacey Hall by last day of each month.


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