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“Energy is the power that drives every human being. It is not lost by exertion but maintained by it, for it is a faculty of the psyche.”

— Germaine Greer

I invite you to take a moment to consider how often you feel tired, drained, stressed and/or overwhelmed?

Often, at the start of a coaching session with my clients, they tell me they are feeling drained and powerless in some area of their life.

That’s when I share with them one of my many chi-generating exercises to boost and expand their energy easily….and immediately.

Contained within each of us is a powerful generator of energy.

Most of us did not receive the operating manual for this generator…as such we do not know how to turn it on.

The good news is that there are many ways to start up your generator and to keep it operating at full power consistently and reliably….most take less than a minute!

One method for turning on your energy generator is to ask the following set of questions of your self:

1.  On a scale of 1-10, how energized is my physical body?  If the score is less than a ’10,’ ask your physical body what it needs in order to get to a ’10.’

2.  On a scale of 1-10, how energized is my mental body?  If the score is less than a ’10,’ ask your mental body what it needs in order to get to a ’10.’

3.  On a scale of 1-10, how energized is my emotional body?  If the score is less than a ’10,’ ask your emotional body what it needs in order to get to a ’10.’

4.  On a scale of 1-10, how energized is my spirit body?  If the score is less than a ’10,’ ask your spirit body what it needs in order to get to a ’10.’

Now, give each of your bodies the ‘fuel’ they are requesting and you will feel your energy flowing through you powerfully almost instantly.  

The whole process takes less than minute!

I’ll show you how.

To learn how easy it is to uplift, expand and strengthen your personal energy using the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges – I am gifting you with access to this recorded Chi-To-Be! ‘Pep Rally’ workshop — ‘Be More Powerful in Less Than A Minute!’

You will learn a variety of strategies and techniques which will increase your personal power in less than a minute!


Access this FREE and powerful workshop through your computer:

As we expand and strengthen our own personal power, we are better able to deal with potentially stressful situations and people…and, in fact, learn how to avoid them!

Invite your friends to listen so they, too, can become more powerful in less than a minute!



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“To me Chi-To-Be! is a wonderful road map for life. The Energy Surges provide profound yet logical tools that help me to define my true life goals, as well as empower me to act in harmony with these goals, and propel me to achieve my wildest dreams with velocity and ease!”
– Melissa Shelton, DVM


“Stacey has a strategic mind and is constantly innovating. A real think-outside-the-box kind of person.”
— Daniel Richman


“Many people want to be successful and reach a higher level of achievement, but they just don’t know how to begin. This book contains innovative, very direct, and easy-to-understand ways of getting started. Whether you are looking for ideas for business or just daily living, the suggestions in this book could trigger new thoughts and birth new ideas for ‘making it happen.’ It’s all up to you.”
–Mary Young, Executive Vice President of Young Living Essential Oils


“Chi-To-be is a great accomplishment. Stacey Hall has created a fun, easy-to-follow road map on the most difficult passage of life…the road to personal fulfillment. Using her navigation tools you will find your way of avoiding the pitfalls of stress, uncertainty and misalignment. This is of the highest value. For what good is arriving to your destination, frazzled, unhealthy and alone? Cheers, Stacey, and thank you for sharing your journey and the lessons you have learned for the rest of us to follow.”
–Jeff Stewart, CEO, The Nia Technique Inc.


“As a result of learning the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges…
– I have enrolled in massage school.
– I created a plan for financial freedom and placed it into motion.
– I GIVE. I GIVE my time, blessings, ear, energy etc.
– I *win* mega cool stuff at work! (attraction!)
– I received a surprise Bonus at work (woooohooo!)
– I became a Shaklee distributor (I have been using Shaklee products since 8th grade, they helped me heal & I love what they do for the earth and for peoples health!)
– I am helping my sister to discover her dreams. She needs me, and I am so happy to be there for her!
– I feel more energized, clear & focused Attracting people
– I discovered that I want to teach Yin Yoga
– I have put into motion my will to learn French.
– Attracted four ten hour shifts to make going to school much easier!
– Attracted a travel buddy that wants to go all over the world!
– Had over 630 views in ONE DAY on my blog! Woohoo!
– I have an appreciation for miracles and feel like this abundance is going to go on for a long time!”
— Elyse Briski

BE Empowered – BE Powerful – Keep Your Eye on Your B-All!

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Doctors acknowledge that stress is a leading factor in the development of life-threatening conditions. This is the reason why I wrote 'Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All'. Please click here to learn how you can help me save the lives of people stressed to the snapping point.

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I AM BE-ing My B-All Fulfilled 1800 #ChiToBe - lifting you up to the highest heights of #TheAttractionZone / I AM an #AttractionMaster ... See MoreSee Less

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Energy Surge #11 Personal Accountability Before Chi-To-Be I would sometimes do the blame game. Blaming others for my outcome. Now I know it is not a...

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I AM BE-ing My B-All Fulfilled 1900 #ChiToBe - lifting you up to the highest heights of #TheAttractionZone / I AM an #AttractionMaster ... See MoreSee Less

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Energy Surge #11 Personal Accountability

Before Chi-To-Be I would sometimes do the blame game. Blaming others for my outcome. Now I know it is not about the other person, it is about me taking personal accountability for my actions. I look at things differently and how my choices will affect my outcome. Each day I look at what is on my calendar and set my intentions on how I intend my day to unfold. Things do come up and than I look at it and see if it will or will not work for me and move on. I also make powerful request of people to change their time or appointment when something I choose to do is moving me closer to my goals or intentions. This way I am also taking personal accountability letting them know instead of assuming that they will be OK with it. My relationships are growing because I AM accountable to myself and to the things that I have planned for each and every day. I also look at the thing I have written on my side #3 of my SAP and check my I AM statements and see if I AM being accountable to what I have written down. This also helps me see where I choose to take classes to choose to change something. Then if something does come up and I AM being personally accountable and still have questions, I go through the Energy Surges starting at #1 and ask myself questions until I receive the answer. This has taught me that I AM in control of my life, goals, and dreams. Anything is possible, it's just taking the steps to get there. I use the Energy Surges and I am enjoying how my days unfold and how it is moving me forward each and every day.

The place I started is with the book: Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All!, by:Stacey Hall - Chapter 11 Energy Surge #11 Personal Accountability could be found on page 221 of the book. This book has guided me in a positive direction to fulfill my goals and I also became a better person. In addition, there are more programs like Fastest Attraction... to become more Attractive and the other programs that go hand in hand with the book that promote the Chi-To-Be! Experiences. There is “The Fastest Attraction Mastery Program” ".Each of these programs comes with a Facebook group and access to interact with others in the programs and receive support for anything we encounter in our lives.
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