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-- Do you envision how you want to transform your life...and yet, you do not know the first steps to take towards that transformation?

-- Do you desire more financial abundance...and yet, you are already feeling overwhelmed by all the work you are already doing?

-- Do the people in your life laugh at your dreams...and yet, you do not have other people in your life who know how to support you in the way you want?

If so, then this page is the answer to your prayers!

"I started Stacey Hall's Chi-To-Be program last February and it has helped take me to the goal I reached today of a Gold Ranking in my Young Living business! I am thankful that God has blessed me so richly in being able to help so many others! My business started taking traction in February. By July I had hit my next ranking in my business. Today I hit Gold! Here I am a year later and feeling a bit stunned by it all. My husband and I were talking about the business plans we were making for me last February and where I am now. Thank you Stacey Hall for teaching me how to apply the concepts of increasing my vibration and reaching my goals!"
-- Donna Grace

"While participating in the Chi-To-Be! Coaching Club over the past 3 months, I added 3 new customers to my Send Out Cards business. I added 3 new team members to my Young Living team. Plus, I introduced my new business model and gained two clients during the past quarter. I am moving from sprouting to blooming with homeschooling and my daughter and I are having fun while the school work is being completed. I have scheduled 5 seminars for my Appreciation Marketing Strategy business and I am moving from seeding to sprouting with scheduling and inviting others to attend workshops."
-- Jen Roszelle

"At the beginning of September 2013, I had just begun to spend more time on my business and less as a nanny. This big change was in alignment with my B-All. Three months later, I continue to have 25+ people enroll on my team each month and my income has steadily increased. I had my biggest sales month last month and it was a good jump from the month before. I was able to see my daughter and family and spend some very quality time with them this past quarter. I love that using Chi-To-Be!, I don't feel responsible for what daughter does. I can support her in her choices and my lack of interference allows her to want to make better choices. The Coaching program gives me refined clarity on the energy surges and a good dose of accountability to be using what I have at my finger tips to achieve my goals."
-- Donna Grace

"During the last 3 months of my participation as a member in the Chi-To-Be! Coaching Club Program, I attracted several new referrals to wonderful new clients. I also achieved these goals: was featured in an article for Pilates Style Magazine, became a Master-certified Pilates Instructor, attracted 2 new teachers to teach at my Pilates studio, and attracted new friendships. I am now a believer in the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges. I admit at times I was dubious but I took a leap of faith with ones I haven't been using. For example, I would be nervous about sharing my feelings if something did not suit me. I would stay quietly grumpy. Now it's different. Just last week I received a text that I did like and immediately called the person to speak about my personal expectations. Not only did it clear up confusion, I now actually respect the person more after that phone call AND I received what I intended from that person."
-- Juliet Mahon

“Stacey, you are a great listener and you respond to other people’s comments like they were gems of great value. You certainly have a gift of getting at the heart of a matter and pointing people towards possibilities!”
– Aleta Gillespie

All of these issues...and more...can be easily resolved when you receive personal success-boosting, money-attracting, spirit-lifting tips directly from globally-recognized, best-selling author and Founder of the world-wide Chi-To-Be! Movement -- Stacey Hall! Master the 11 Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges to uplift, harmonize and energize your life in order to aCHIeve all your life's goals with velocity and ease!

Choose any of these pathways that feels best to you for achieving your
B-All with velocity and ease:

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    From Jentana Lee Dabbs: Do you find yourself feeling guilty about taking time out when you’re working on a project or goal? I did at one time and when I let go of that guilt and take time to recharge, I was able to get back to my goals with so much more focus and… clarity.

    My friend Stacey Hall, author of the book, Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All (get a copy here: shares a powerful way to change the way you look at rest stops, via Recharging Your Inner Chi:

    She say’s scheduling for a rest stop is a conscious practice of rejuvenation. It’s a proactive pause in the activity to catch one’s breath and to ensure there is balance between action and non-action.

    This is a great statement to remind me that it’s not only ok to take a rest stop, but necessary!

    Are you willing to dump the guilt and take your rest stops? I’d love to hear about it !

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