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"Having learned to use and transform all "difficult" energies/feelings into "labors of love" or simply keep on moving, Stacey Hall gives some of the best advice on the subject - and many more. Read, listen, join her as she can instruct on how to free us up to be high vibrations of loving success at its best!"
--Rev. Nancy Orlen Weber, R. N., C.C. A

"If you are considering buying this book, you are at the right place. I've made dramatic changes in such a short time and feel so wonderful about myself!"
-- Kim Schultz-Ferrentino

"If I could climb through my computer to give you a BIG HUG, I would do it right now!!! Tonight, I started reading your book, "Chi-To-Be"!! I started to read it awhile back, but stopped because of everything that is going on in my life right now. I skipped to Chapter 4 which had my interest because I've been having this battle with myself and been having trouble making a decision about something. In Chapter 4, those 5 questions that you have us ask ourselves were AMAZING!!! It even had me in tears after answering them because those questions helped me with my decision over the battle that I've been fighting with myself lately!! THANK YOU!!!! Those questions helped Me to see things more clearly, and I am so grateful!! God Bless You!!" -- A reader of 'Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All

"Stacey, your work, focus and dedication is admirable, you certainly talk, walk, and model the Chi-way-of-life!" -- Jill Perla

"Thank you so much for providing the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges and helping me to become proficient and utilizing them. I feel that they are helping me to take pro-active steps to improve my life in areas where I would have, in the past, felt overwhelmed and out of control. What a relief!" -- Dana Christisen, Young Living Silver Distributor

“A true inspiration for the mind. "Chi-To-Be" is a way of life. Stacey is the best person to start this movement.” -- Aaron Phillips, On-Air Radio Personality

“It takes a lot to succeed, and Stacey Hall does just that! Here (in Chi-To-Be!), dedication to mastery and to becoming the best she can be, makes her an excellent coach and guide. I personally would never work with someone who has not walked the walk. Stacey has walked the walk and walks her talk! Easy, clear, and direct in her communication style-she works magic.” --Debbie Rosas, Co-founder and Creator of The Nia Technique, Inc. Changing People's Lives Through Movement Since 1983,

“Stacey has a strategic mind and is constantly innovating. A real think-outside-the-box kind of person.” --Daniel Richman

“Stacey's passion for helping others achieve their "Be All" has inspired her to write an excellent book, Chi to Be. An excellent addition to her other great wellness tools. My life has improved since being connected with Stacey, and yours will too!”-- Carla Green, Owner, Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation


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Doctors acknowledge that stress is a leading factor in the development of life-threatening conditions. This is the reason why I wrote 'Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All'. Please click here to learn how you can help me save the lives of people stressed to the snapping point.

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