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coachingclubpageimageThe Chi-To-Be! Mastery Coaching Club Program is for you if you intend to…

…Attract more clients and customers with greater ease!
…Stop being a perfectionist in order to actually begin achieving your goals!
…Make decisions quicker and with more confidence!
…Stop re-acting to other people’s demands in order to have more time to take care of yourself!

If so, then you will want to read ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All’ and learn how the 11 simple tips shared in the book can give you an instant — and sustained — surge of energy to support you in accomplishing all of your goals with velocity and ease!

And, to get the most out of the book, contact Founder Stacey Hall, to learn more about Chi-To-Be! Mastery Coaching Program options. Email Stacey Hall for details.

“Chi-To-Be! has been a wonderful eye-opening experience for me and the support you have given through the groups and calls has been invaluable. I am a different person now after all I have learned about myself and the skills that I have learned to be more powerful and believe in my dreams. I am so blessed to have this whole experience come into my life and I know it was sent by God that I came to know of Chi-To-Be! and become part of the Coaching Club! I just want to say Thank You! I truly value everything you have given of yourself with the books, coaching and calls and positive energy! You are a huge blessing to myself and many people for your gifts.” –Imani Nia Rutledge

"I want to thank Stacey Hall for Chi-To-Be. The classes, the book, the groups, her guidance, everyone’s participation and sharing on the Coaching Club calls and the group. My life has been changing since I started in February with the Easy Attraction Mastery Mentoring class. Tonight I attained one of my goals on my way to my B-All, I AM a Silver with Young Living!! I really could shout it from the rooftops.”
– Donna Grace

“During today’s Chi-Generating Coaching Club gathering – WOW! The part about ‘no more perfection’ really hit home. Realizing that my perfection tendency came from my inability (due to the fact that I was YOUNG) to complete a task to the expectations ( often unrealistic) of the person issuing the task, was spectacular.


Are you ready to learn more about Chi-To-Be! Mastery Coaching Program options? Email Stacey Hall for details.

SO, realizing that ANY WAY I CAN means ANY WAY, starting RIGHT now….right where I am -not where I used to be, or where I would be if I were an Olympic athlete or something!

That’s the Chi!

I sat on the floor cross legged, and I could FEEL my tightly crossed legs relaxing and it was so easy for me to sit that way, when it is normally not.

I used the oils for Energy Surge 2 – Copaiba, Lime, Peppermint and WOW!

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!”
— Elizabeth DeArmond

“Stacey Hall, Thank you so much for providing the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges and helping me to become proficient and utilizing them. I feel that the Strategic Attraction Plan from Energy Surge #4 is helping me to take pro-active steps to improve my life in areas where I would have, in the past, felt overwhelmed and out of control. What a relief!”
— Dana Christisen

“I am so giddy right now with the progress I have seen in accomplishing my goals. Since beginning Chi-To-Be!, I have been able to accomplish more goals with velocity and ease. I am currently finishing up a big project at (major corporation) as the project manager and we are in real crunch time. At the same time, I am also starting my own business consulting firm, hosting a women’s networking dinner, supporting the social media needs of Chi-To-Be! and creating a fun summer for my 5.5 year old daughter. In the past, when I was only doing the corporation’s work I would be stressed to the max, but now that I practice the Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges I am feeling accomplished and realizing that all is well and will be completed. Amazing how these Chi Energy Surges are so empowering.” –Kaira Boston

“Stacey Hall is a professional full of knowledge and very generous with her time and energy towards other people. She knows her stuff and uses it well.” — Dawn DuBois, LMT

Set yourself up for success the ways these participants did by emailing Stacey Hall today for details about Chi-To-Be! Mastery Coaching Club Program options.

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