Chi-To-Be! Basic Audio Series

Every day is an opportunity to achieve your goals with velocity and ease. The most successful people have proven time and time again that energy and passion are the strongest driving forces in achieving one's ultimate, life-long goals.

From the very first episode of these recorded coaching sessions with best-selling author and globally-recognized success expert Stacey Hall, you'll experience what it's like to generate abundant energy by practicing and mastering each of the 11 Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges.

Moving at your own pace in your own way – you will boost your energy and take action on your passions using the powerful tips and techniques which Stacey--and her group of Chi-To-Be! Experience coachees-- have identified for increasing your success, attracting more financial abundance, managing your growth, improving relationships, clearing clutter, busting through your blocks, and uplifting your spirit to full-life fulfillment.

This CD series is a perfect companion to the Chi-To-Be! book and Achievement Guide.

Set of 6 CD's by Stacey Hall


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"I just finished the Chi-To-Be! Basic Audio Coaching Series. Thank you very much for creating such wonderful tools for mankind! Life has been SO GOOD since beginning the programs and playing with the Energy Surges! I am setting big goals, accomplishing more intentional activities than I thought were possible, I have more energy and I am achieving goals (like finally reaching Executive with Young Living) that are part of my B-All! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"-- Andrea Peterson

"I think the BIGGEST thing from listening to the Chi-To-Be! Audio Coaching Program is that I need to LOVE my self. I have realized that I do not require others to respect me because I do not respect myself SO that is the treatment that I am "attracting"! I am in tears, tears of joy! I have a LARGE weight lifted off my chest and I feel that I can now do what God has put me here to do. (Not sure what that is yet but I am sure I will be shown!) I feel the need to run out and tell everyone I know that they need this audio series. This is the kind of stuff I want to help people with. This has been amazing for me! Again THANK YOU!" -- Cindy Giacomini

"The Chi-To-Be! Basic Audio Program has been life-changing. I listened to the CDs on my way home from our visit from Virginia visiting our other daughter. I was on-fire when I came home & set my intention. I shared with our daughter & son-in-law (and all my Business Builders). Our daughter took the CDs and listened to them. Holy moly! She took off!! They set their intentions and her YL business is exploding. I can't thank you enough, Stacey, for what you've put together. Not only are we achieving our goals, we are reaching people with the message of hope and healing, which is so very awesome!!" -- Sandy Sutter, Holistic Health Coach,

“Stacey Hall is an empowered, brilliant inspiration with her books & classes. She inspires powerful, permanent changes in peoples lives!"
--Julie Chertow, LMT

“"The oils class I gave tonight went well! I have to say that I am so happy that I listened to your Chi-To-Be! Basic Audio Program before the class. It really helped me in preparing and in presenting tonight! I am excited! I did get 4 sign ups tonight. Not all from the class but from seeds that I had planted a while ago. One was from the class. Very excited! The skills I am learning are making life so much easier! I just can not wait to learn more!" -- Cindy Giacomini

Chi-To-Be! Mastery Series CDs

This 12-episode Mastery series with best-selling author and globally-recognized success expert Stacey Hall provides even more power boosts for those who are fully committed to achieving their B-All with velocity and ease.

You will feel fulfill your goals more quickly, feel in control more completely and able to improve your relationships more deeply using the 12 NEW Success-Surges to support you in mastering the original 11 Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges.

This CD series is a perfect companion to the Chi-To-Be! book, Achievement Guide, and ‘Basic Chi-To-Be! Audio Series’.

Set of 6 CD's by Stacey Hall

Chi-To-Be Mastery Series

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"I want to say how much I am enjoying the Chi-To-Be! Mastery Series CD's. I listen to them in my car and it is such a Chi-lift every time. The little pearls that I take away from each session are amazing and are such easy ways of incorporating little changes into my life that make a big difference."
-- Lynn Veenstra

"Anyone interested in living life FREE of mental blocks are invited to check out Stacey Hall's teleclasses and Chi-To-Be program! I enjoyed attending Stacey's workshop at the Young Living Convention. I purchased a set of the Chi-To-Be book, CD set and Achievement Guide and am looking forward to sharing the program with my Vibrant Balance team." -- Angela Shim

"I purchased my Chi-To-Be! Audios and they are a wonderful road map for life. Chi-To-Be! provides profound yet logical tools that help me to define my true life goals, empowers me to act in harmony with these goals, and propels me to achieve my wildest dreams with velocity and ease!"
-- Melissa Shelton, DVM


Chi-To-Be! Bundle [Book, Achievement Guide, Basic Series CDs].

Chi-To-Be Bundle [Book, Achievement Guide, Basic Series CDs].  Special Amazon Price! The combination of Stacey Hall's Chi-To-Be Book, Coaching Guide and Audio CD Series all in one low price.

Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All!

Align your intentions to activate your intuition!  Learn the 11 Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges to uplift, harmonize and energize your life in order to aCHIeve all your life's goals with velocity and ease!

Chi-To-Be! Coaching Achievement Guide

Everyday is an opportunity to make your dreams a reality. This self-guided coaching journal is the perfect companion to the book and the audio coaching series making it easier to implement each of the 11 Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges in your own time and in your own way on your way to aCHIeving your Ultimate B-All

Six Audio Coaching CD Series Each 1-hour CD gives you a front row seat with Stacey and the Chi-To-Be! Masters for six empowering, energizing, and chi-lifting coaching sessions to practice and play with each of the 11 Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges to align your intentions, activate your intuition, and aCHIeve your greatest goals with velocity and ease!

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